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Now available: Post Rails Book Bundle

The Post Rails Book Bundle is a collection of books about growing Ruby on Rails applications as they become bigger and more successful.

The bundle is only available until this Friday (July 22nd 2016), so grab your copy while you can!

The following eight books are included at a heavily discounted price:

Fearless Refactoring Rails Controllers

This book guides you through the complicated task of cleaning up the mess that controllers often become in legacy Rails applications.

How do you extract the business essence from the controller, while keeping the HTTP related aspects in it, untouched?

It also touches to topic of introducing explicitness to multiple Rails conventions which simply further refactorings.

Trailblazer - A new architecture for Rails

Trailblazer introduces several new abstraction layers into Rails. It gives developers structure and architectural guidance and finally answers the question of "Where do I put this kind of code?" in Rails.

This book walks you through a realistic development of a Rails application with Trailblazer and discusses every bloody aspect of it.

Rails As She Is Spoke - How Rails gets OOP wrong but it works anyway

Do you want to understand Rails? Do you want to write Rails apps effectively, or see your own open source creations delight their users and enjoy wild success like Rails has? Have you noticed that Rails never quite makes perfect sense according to traditional object-oriented theory, or that the Ruby On Rails Guides never seem to quite explain the realities of cutting-edge Rails development?

Frontend friendly Rails - Better defaults for your sophisticated frontends

Upgrade Rails defaults and introduce cool features that’ll help you with making your apps more maintainable and faster to write.

Take your API to a higher level in terms of maintenance and provide user experience improvements.

Growing Rails Applications in Practice

Discover a simpler way to scale Rails codebases. Instead of introducing new patterns or service-oriented architecture, we will show how to use discipline, consistency and code organization to make your application grow more gently.

Rails TDD Video Class

The real goal of the class is to teach you how to combine Rails with TDD. Other things, like DDD and mutant are also crucial. We don’t want to show the only one and true way. We are going to present more techniques over time. Think of this class as a TV series, which is easy to consume in short episodes every day.

Modular Rails - The complete guide to modular Rails applications

Wait! What's a modular application?!

It's pretty simple. Instead of putting everything into one project, you put your MVC components into specialized Rails engines packaged as gems. Module by module, you can define what your application will be!

Unfuck a Monorail for Great Justice

Monolithic Rails apps – or monorails – are a problem in the world of Rails development. This book doesn't just show you how to get them back on track. It shows you how to get them back on track more cleanly and more swiftly than you would have believed humanly possible.

All in all this is $458 worth of books for only $199. Offer is valid until this Friday (July 22nd 2016). More information at

Growing Rails Applications in Practice
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