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Introductory interview with Stefan


Hi, I'm Stefan Langenmaier, I'm originally from the greater area of Augsburg (somewhere between Augsburg, Ulm and Donauwörth). My spare time is spent between sports, cooking and tinkering with software and machines that are supposed to run it (if they want to or not) :). Before joining makandra I worked as a consultant for Search & Analytics in the Solr ecosystem and as a consultant for Free Software with a focus on Java and the Web.

How did you first learn about makandra and what drew you to makandra originally?

I think the first time I heard about makandra was when they started the LTS support for Rails, but this was some time ago. I think I also landed once or twice on makandra cards for obscure web dev problems. But the connection was established through a mutual friend who said I should contact them.

What is your role at makandra?

I will be working as an operations engineer, keeping an eye on the infrastructure.

What are 3 words to describe makandra?

  • open
  • friendly
  • knowledgeable

What challenges are you looking forward at makandra?

For the moment I think the challenge is to get a good grasp of the existing infrastructure. For the future I hope to make contributions to the reliability and performance.

Are you messy or organized?

In my opinion it's best to be and work in an organized state but if you want to find a new idea or approach it has to get messy from time to time… :)

What book did you read last?

Sechs Österreicher unter den ersten fünf. Roman einer Entpiefkenisierung. by Dirk Stermann. It's funny if you like morbid topics.

Do you recall any embarrassing moment at work?

Well there was this one time my boss thought I would try to set the office on fire…

Motto or personal mantra?

Only crazy people don't change their mind. (Not the original quote)

If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A very hard choice, but it would definitely be a Mehlspeise (I'd say this is also an established term), probably Griesschnitten with fruits.

If you could only drink one beer for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Blonde au chardonnay

What did you want to be when growing up?

Monk or architect.

Vim or Emacs? (Be careful here…)

Nano and Eclipse. Why settle for something in between?

What tools are you using that you don't want to miss anymore?

GNU/Linux, Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap

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