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Almost everyone at makandra works with Ruby almost every day. We do Ruby on Rails development and Ruby hosting. We also take care of old versions of Rails with Rails LTS.

Ruby is a fun and also mature language, which is now over 20 years old. It was and is constantly developed further: for example Ruby 2.6, which was recently released, supports endless ranges. The same is hold true for Rails, one of the most popular web frameworks for Ruby.

Behind all this flourishing is a lot of work, which is done by passionate people. There is a huge and active open-source community which we are part of*.

But what would a community be without community events? On such events you can meet like-minded people and dive deep(er) into a language, technology or general topic. I found such events to be very inspiring and motivating!

Ruby on Ice is such an event and we are not only supporting it through sponsoring, but also through manpower. Four of my colleagues and I found the idea of a Ruby conference in southern Germany so appealing that we decided to dedicate a lot of our time to make it happen again.

The event will take place on February 22nd - 24th, 2019 in Tegernsee and you still have the chance of participating. We are looking forward to a weekend full of interesting talks, yummy food, beautiful scenery and great people!

*We opened our own knowledge-base, makandra cards which now contains more than 3500 cards (= posts) with tips, tricks, how-tos and tutorials related to all things Ruby, Rails and web development. Also, we maintain several gems which are open source.

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