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Introductory interview with Daniel

Introduce Yourself

Hi, I'm Daniel Straßner, living in a town close to Augsburg. During leisure time I like fiddeling with my Raspberry PIs (there's four of them). I use them as Media PCs and server playgrounds so I can experiment with stuff like Docker, which works extremely well (check out hypriot). Other than that I care for the preservation of Bavarian heritage and customs. This means you could see me doing a Schuhplattler or playing the button box at public events around here.

Before I got into the IT industry I studied business mathematics in Augsburg. It was an internship that got me interested in software development. After my bachelor I decided to do a graduate program in computer science. During college I worked for several software companies as a working student.

How did you first learn about makandra and what drew you to makandra originally?

I learned about makandra as I found an ad for a Ruby-on-Rails workshop at the University of Augsburg. I couldn't attend the workshop, however, I checked the makandra webpage from time to time as I really liked makandra's core values and their approach to developing good software. When the time came to decide for a topic for the master thesis, I got in contact with makandra and was lucky that they had plenty of interesting new problems to solve.

What is your role at makandra?

I'm working as a software developer.

What are 3 words to describe makandra?

  • professional
  • efficient
  • caring

What challenges are you looking forward at makandra?

As trends in the software industry are vastly emerging it will be interesting to decide for new technologies we could add to our stack. People at makandra use to make well-considered decisions about software, so don't expect us to do right away.

What book did you read last?

My bedtime reading for the last few years: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (pages: ~1400, pages before falling asleep: ~5 => I'm good for the next 280 years with this book)

Vim or Emacs? (Be careful here…)

Vim (but I'm still learning)

Best vacation you've been to?

A trip through the states (west). Quote: "It's not hard to be easy-going when you're living in California"

If you were an animal what would you be?

Some kind of bird (not sure which) as long as I can fly

If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oma's Apfelnudeln mit Kartoffelsuppe (yeah that's an established term)

Welcome to makandra, Daniel!

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