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Introductory interview with Andreas

At makandra we're welcoming 2-3 new colleagues per year. We'll publish short introduction interviews like this one with Andi, who joined our operations team two weeks ago.

Introduce Yourself

I am Andreas Herz, living in Schwabmünchen south of Augsburg. I live there with my little daughter and my wife. In my spare time I like to fool around with my daughter or rebuild the Lego buildings she destroyed. If there is still time left I like to work on technical projects, playing video or board games. Before I joined makandra I worked as a systems developer for Linogate after graduating from Augsburg University, where I studied computer science with physics.

How did you first learn about makandra and what drew you to makandra originally?

I know makandra since the beginning and followed the progress they made. After a nice evening at the summer party I had a great talk with Henning and Thomas about the opportunities at makandra and had the chance to get an valuable insight into the daily work.

What is your role at makandra?

I joined the operations team as senior operations engineer.

What are 3 words to describe makandra?

  • structured
  • organized
  • familiar

What challenges are you looking forward at makandra?

I'm looking forward to learn more about the techniques used at makandra, especially Puppet and Ruby. It's also interesting to see how a more advanced setup with loadbalancer, dedicated servers, failover etc. is working and managed with a huge amount of automatization.

Are you messy or organized?

Sometimes even too organized.

Describe what you were like at age 10.

Imagine a small nerd sitting in front of a PC 24/7 playing video games or trying to fix the PC from other people.

What did you want to be when growing up?

I wanted to be a game developer which also brought me into coding.

Best vacation you've been to?

So far the best vacation was honeymooning in the Berchtesgaden Alps. We had a really nice hotel and liked the relaxing and calm atmosphere there close to nature.

Vim or Emacs? (Be careful here…)

Vim of course :)

What tools are you using that you don't want to miss anymore?

Linux in general (although it's an OS), but without i3wm, zsh, tmux, vim and taskwarrior I would be less productive.

Welcome to makandra, Andi!

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