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Your Rails 3.2 project should switch to Rails LTS

After many months of work, Rails 5 was released today. Thanks to the almost a thousand committers, this new version brings us exciting new features such as ActionCable or the attributes API.

Unfortunately this also means your trusty Rails 3.2 app is no longer getting new security patches from the open-source community, who now has their hands full maintaining versions 4 and 5.

Rails 3.2 has been on limited maintenance for the past two years. With the Rails 5 release, this support has ended entirely. If your business uses Rails 3.2, you should act now to prevent data breaches and liability.

If your team can't or don't want to upgrade your application now, you can switch to Rails LTS and continue to receive security updates. Rails LTS is a drop-in replacement for the official Ruby on Rails gems.

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